Meet Our Management Team

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  • Lifting houses threatened by flood risk
  • Replacing basements – Connecticut, Quebec
  • Leveling structures impacted by ground displacement – Los Angeles, Regina, Sask
  • Converting sub-level spaces to rental suites

George Leslie

Chief Executive Officer

George has extensive international experience working in early stage, high-growth enterprises, particularly in the institutional real estate and investment fund sector. He has more than CAD$2 billion real estate investment and asset management experience on behalf of major financial institutions and funds. He has setup and managed multi-disciplinary teams for portfolio and large-scale restructuring projects and fund-raising endeavors. Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Urban Geography from the University of Victoria; Master of Science in Real Estate Finance from Reading University, UK.


Michael Uhler

Chief Financial Officer

Michael has extensive institutional fiduciary experience. He has worked in a senior position at one of the largest European commercial mortgage banks and as MD of a stock exchange listed real estate investment vehicle which he delisted on behalf of its stakeholders and implemented an orderly wind-up of the portfolio. One of the key investors in that vehicle nominated Michael to the board of a marine sector venture with GBP30 million at stake. Bachelor in Business Admin from the University of Virginia.

Michael Uler

Monty Wensel

Chief Innovation Officer and
Director of Operations

Monty is the principle founder of the business and has been lifting homes and replacing basements in Western Canada for more than 12 years. He is an inventor with strong ideas and a calling to a perpetual and disciplined process of innovation. He successfully applied for a broadly defined patent concerning the ATLAS Structural Lifting System. Bachelor of Arts in Design from the University of Regina.

Monty Wensel

Cameron Wensel

Director of Sales and Operating
Partner Relationships

Cameron co-founded the business with his brother Monty. He is responsible for leadership of marketing and sales processes. His experience pertains to running a construction and basement replacement business and promoting ground-breaking innovation. He formerly worked as a teacher. Cameron has a comprehensive understanding of market drivers, government policy and distinct regional factors affecting the North American structural lifting industry. Bachelor of Education in English Literature, University of Regina.

Cameron Wensel

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