Our Business

Traditionally, the structural lifting industry has been a fragmented trade comprised of small, specialized contractors, usually family businesses. It’s a segment of the construction industry that has not seen meaningful innovation for decades. It’s inefficient and not scalable to meet current trends. KRADLE Structural Lifting Systems is a business with patented innovations and ways-of-working for elevating homes and commercial structures for protection against flooding due to climate change, basement replacements for an aging housing stock and converting sub-level spaces to rental apartments in core markets impacted by the housing affordability crisis.

The Atlas

Engineered mobile steel fabricated foundation system for lifting structures up to 20 ft with a clear-span work space up to 75 ft.

The Titan

Engineered permanently installed steel fabricated system for on-demand lifting up to 10 ft in the event of flooding.

The Planum

Engineered permanently installed steel fabricated foundation for on-demand levelling of structures impacted by ground movement.

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